Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries come in different sizes and colored packaging. As long as you remember the colored packaging, you will be able to remember which battery is the correct battery for your hearing aid. The colors are the same no matter where you choose to buy your batteries.

Q. How often do I have to change the battery?

The hearing aid that you get will determine what type of battery and how long of a battery life you will have. Typically, the bigger the battery size, the longer the battery in the hearing aid will last. You may have to change the battery anywhere from 5 days to 30 days. Hearing aids provide very complex functions throughout the day, which is why the batteries do not last as long as compared to the battery cell in a watch. Hearing aids are constantly running and sampling your listening environment to allow the hearing aid to meet your communication needs.

Q. What type of batteries are there?

The type of batteries, from small to largest are: Size 10 (yellow), Size 312 (Brown) Size 13 (orange), size 675 (Blue).

Q. What about rechargeable batteries?

There are some companies that provide the option to have rechargeable batteries. These batteries do not have to be changed for 9 months to 1 year. A charger is used to re-charge the hearing aids every night, but the battery does not have to be physically removed to do this.

Q. How will I know when I have to change the battery?

Your hearing aids will beep or tell you when it is time to change the battery. It may also be a good idea to keep track of when your battery dies on your calendar. Keeping track of your battery life can help you better predict when the hearing aid is going to die. Changing it on a predictable schedule will prevent your battery from dying while you are at an important event. It is always good to have a couple of batteries on hand, but try not to leave them in hot places like your car or in very cold and moist places.