How We Can Help with Allergies

The Allergy Department’s goal is to provide our patients a way to manage allergies and to educate them in order to have a better quality of life.

The first step towards empowering yourself is a comprehensive understanding of what causes your allergy symptoms, how your body reacts, and what changes need to be made to help alleviate the problems.

At Greenwood Ear, Nose and Throat we offer diagnostic services to determine if you have allergies by using a “one stick” allergy test. This test will pinpoint what you are allergic to; Then we can provide a variety of treatment options. We not only provide physician managed medical therapy, but also offer traditional allergy injections and sublingual immunotherapy (drops under the tongue).

Our Allergy Nurse provides counseling based on the patient’s allergy history, physicians examination and allergy test results. She will help in the management of environmental controls, avoidance therapy and provides patient education. The allergy nurse will mix serum and administer injections according to strict regulations and departmental protocol to insure the safety of our patients.