Hearing Aid Additional Accessories

Greenwood ENT has the following hearing aid accessories available for purchase.


Size 10 (yellow), Size 312 (Brown) Size 13 (orange), size 675 (Blue) are all available for purchase.

Rechargeable Batteries

Siemens Rechargeable 13 & 312.

Wax Guards

Wax guards prevent wax and debris from entering into the hearing aid. Each hearing aid has its own type of wax guard. If you are unsure of which wax guard your hearing aid takes, please feel free to bring your hearing aid to us so we can determine your correct wax guard.

Hearing Aid Brushes and Picks

If there is wax often in your hearing aids, it may be beneficial for you to have a small hearing aid brush or pick to remove the wax and debris located in or around your hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Dri-Aid Jar

Sometimes moisture can get into the hearing aids. Moisture often gets into the aid when people are exposed to high moisture areas or have to work or live in places with high humidity. A hearing aid dri-aid jar is designed to remove the moisture from the hearing aids, ensuring the longevity of the hearing aid that may otherwise be shortened by moisture issues.